Thank you for everything.

It took me a few days to be able to write this. My heart was and is heavy and I needed to figure out how to put it into words. 🥺

Thursday night I went out to do my feeding and my first stop is always tent city. I know them by name and we have had many great talks beside their fire and in their "home" safe space. Away from gawking and criticizing and rude remarks. 😞 Upon driving up my usual vision of their area was blurred by my anger, sadness and tears. Hours before I arrived a tractor had went through their area and piled all their belongings, clothes, shelter, food into a mountain of mudd. I understand there was garbage and yes ppl dont see past that but I did! Why bulldoze it into a pile? Why not reach out into the community and ask for volunteers to help clean the area with them? Why erase every aspect and piece of a home they had? 😭

WE NEED CHANGE!!!!💛🙏I felt like everything I have done had been erased. I got back in my car crying and hurt and broken to the smell of lasagna! Paula Hagan you saved my heart that night with your 60 donated lasagna's. That smell brought me back to all of you who believe in what I beleive. You all saved me that night!!! So THANK YOU Paula, volunteers, donators, friends and Bizzzy Bea's family for reminding me not only am I NOT alone but our downtown brothers and sisters are NOT alone either. Happy Easter. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING