A word from the Bea's

"I believe that a society should be judged by how we treat the most vulnerable. The city and province have failed our growing homeless population. Following Bizzzy Bea’s on Facebook for a few months, I saw how so many generous people were brought together to care for those that cannot care for themselves. I wanted to be a part of that movement and I wanted my children to learn the value of service to others. It’s inspiring how one person created a beautiful community that gives our homeless something to look forward to and feel like they are being treated with dignity"   -   Rachael

"I have been looking for ways to give back to our community and this organization has been just the perfect fit. It’s so amazing to me that when one person sets her mind to something, such great things can happen and I’m very grateful to Chantelle for getting this all started. This wonderful group of people have been so welcoming to everyone and anyone that has helped make it grow along the way and it’s been phenomenal to see it flourish the way it has. I know that we are all here to help the less fortunate, (and I know I’m not the only one who feels this), but this group has been very beneficial to me and to my friends and family that have come to help out. Every time I’m at the Hive it’s like getting an infusion of positivity. We roll up our sleeves and just do the work to help those that need it most and have so much fun while we do it. My why is because I really wanted to give back, but found this group gave me so much in return. Thank you all so much for making this happen! I’m proud to work shoulder to shoulder with such empathetic, kind and hardworking people💕"   Christina
"My daughter was very concerned about seeing so many people who are homeless. She really wanted to do something to help them. I found out about Bizzzy Bea's on Facebook and made contact with Chantelle! We help pack up the bags when Jayna isn’t working and it is nice to soend some quality Mother/Daughter time while we make a difference for our homeless!"   - Lori
"I was blessed to meet Chantelle and hear all about her foundation. Being retired and healthy I thought , what an amazing way to give back ! Now I volunteer to do outreach and prep work . Then I was asked to be a board member and I accept ❤️"  - Cindy
"It didn't take long before our paths crossed as we share the same passion for helping people. I had started following Bizzzy Bea's long before I had the honor to have been asked to join their hive, to sit on their Board of Directors as their General Advisor. for the last 10+ years I have been working and managing multiple addiction clinics across Northern Ontario. I knew that the Beas are a group of caring and loving individuals, volunteering their time out of pure and good intentions. I know that if they're downtown, our friends and family are being fed and checked on by people they can trust. They radiate feelings of hope for our comunnunity and our friends." - Kt