My 3 Rocks!

When I created Bizzzy, it was to teach these 2 little faces what our purposes on earth are, why God puts us here and to make sure we leave our footprints in the sand for when the day comes that we are no longer here. Over the last 3 years, this incredible man and these 2 beautiful little children supported me and lifted me up and yelled at me to keep going when I was exhausted and wanting to quit. It has NOT been easy that I can promise.

What no one saw was the behind the scenes. Finding my breast tumor and fighting the fear and the stress the mammograms brought every 6 months and the what if's, losing very close family members and grieving, Covid and home schooling, and just every day life.

Today, I sat and really relived all the moments that these 3 remarkable souls pushed me to keep pushing Bizzzy. Family is so important and I am beyond grateful to have my volunteers to carry the organization now but it is these 3 that lifted me through the trenches to get to where I am today.

Phil, Zoe, Matthieu, THANK YOU!!
Bizzzy Beas